August 28

The Culture of Sedona


The Sedona area hosts numerous events annually, including:

  • Sedona International Film Festival
  • Sedona Jazz on the Rocks Festival, founded in 1982, takes place annually at Poco Diablo Resort and other locations over four days in late September.
  • Sedona Marathon
  • The Sedona Miracle Annual Charity Fundraiser
  • Sedona Bluegrass Festival
  • The Sedona Solstice Festivals (Summer and Winter) at Unity of Sedona

Sedona hosts several notable arts organizations in Northern Arizona:

  • Chamber Music Sedona sponsors a chamber-music program annually from October to May. The 2012–2013 season marked the 30th anniversary for the organization.
  • The Sedona Arts Center, founded in 1958, is the oldest arts center in northern Arizona.
  • Sedona International Film Festival & Workshop was established in 1995. The week-long annual festival takes place in late February and early March at Harkins Theatres, while supplemental events take place at area resorts and restaurants. The festival also hosts monthly events, and they sponsor the MET: Live in HD opera broadcasts in Sedona.
  • GumptionFest, established in 2006, is one of the largest free music- and arts-festivals in Northern Arizona, according to the Sedona Red Rock News.
  • NORAZ Poets, extant from 2003 to 2007, was a nonprofit poetry network based in Sedona.

A specialized New Age tourist industry operates in Sedona, where Jose Arguelles organized the “Harmonic Convergence” in 1987. Some New Age proponents purport that “spiritual vortices” are concentrated in the Sedona area at Bell Rock, Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, and Boynton Canyon


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